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Your space for advanced trainings and know-how regarding iTWO MES

With our iTWO MES Academy, we offer you the perfect place to learn something new or for training your employees on our master computer. Once a quarter, we focus on iTWO MES for an entire week. During this four days, the topics: Basic User Training, Work Preparation, Factory Production and extensive topics will be presented in several webinars. Book an intensive day or select individual webinars on topics that interest you.


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Basic User Training

Day 1

This session is about the basic properties with iTWO MES. The basic concept of iTWO MES and the basics are explained and shown in four units. Interested parties can also get a first insight into the administration and controlling of the system. The four units are aimed at those interested with little to no experience with our master computer, still there is also something for future administrators of the system. Units in this session are:

| iTWO MES Overview

| iTWO MES Basics

| iTWO MES Administration

| Statistics in iTWO MES

Work Preparation

Day 2

As the title already suggests, this session is about the many possibilities of efficient work preparation. The focus is on three areas: data handling is about import and export of information as well as handling in the system. Pallet assignment offers many optimization options and is processed in two units. The production planning unit deals with the last work steps up to the production release and how these can be optimized as much as possible with iTWO MES.

| Data Handling & Analysis

| Nesting Basics

| Nesting Advanced

| Production Planning

Extensive Topics

Day 4

In this session, individual extensions and additional features will be discussed. Knowledge and experience with iTWO MES is advisable for this. The main focus is on quality and error prevention. Find out more about integrated quality management processes, the evaluation of bottleneck analyzes and the advantages of integrated catalogues. One unit that should be emphasized is 'Self Support' - in this you will learn how you can recognize, identify and rectify problems in production yourself or how you can efficiently find a solution with our hotline.

| Catalogues

| Self Support

| Quality

| Bottleneck-Invesitgation

Factory & Production

Day 3

The third day units are all about the plant. This is about how iTWO MES optimizes and controls the processes in the factory. An important topic here is of course logistics - from general overviews and presentations to optimized transport plans. In addition, the advantages of digital and innovative solutions are presented in two other units - such as the use of the most modern hardware directly at the workstations in the factory (Smart Station).

| Logistic Basics

| Logistic Advanced

| Smart Station

| Smart Laser

Who may participate in the MES Academy?

The MES Academy is available to anyone who is interested. In order to be able to follow the content accordingly, a certain prior knowledge in the field of prefabrication and/or production of precast concrete elements is recommended as well as, depending on the selected units, experience with iTWO MES itself.

At what time does the MES Academy take place?

The MES Academy takes place once a quarter and then includes all of the above content in one week. There is one topic (4 units) per day. The following dates have already been set for 2023:

| 2nd Quarter: June, 19. - 23. 2023 [register until June 02, 2023]

| 3rd Quarter: tbd (expected for September 2023)

| 4th Quarter: tbd (expected for November 2023)

How much is a unit at the MES Academy?

The MES Academy can be booked in individual units. Each unit (1.5 hours) amounts to: €300.00 per unit and access.

For RIB SAA customers with a maintenance contract, 4 units per year are included - there are therefore no costs for the first four units. In this case, please tick the 'RIB SAA customer' box in the registration form.

Is there a overview on the units of the MES Academy?

Yes there is such an overview. Simply click the link below to download the overview.

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How can I register for the MES Academy?

Please use the registration form following the link below to register for the MES Academy:

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Academy Sessions for Plant Control and Robotics

Due to the good feedback on the MES Academy, we have developed some units on plant control and robotic topics. This is primarily about troubleshooting with and without our hotline. The aim is for your employees to be able to independently fix minor errors. Furthermore, your employees will learn how they can provide our hotline with a specific error description and thus speed up troubleshooting.


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