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From Design, to Production, to Construction site


RIB SAA is responsible for a fully integrated and digitalized production workflow. The intelligent software solutions with a centralized database enables automated management of the whole prefabrication production process from sales and resource planning,  production to logistics and mounting. With an intuitive user interface, the system empowers smooth workflow management, provides users with an illustrated overview of the work procedures and supplies machines with required digital information.


Why Prefabrication?!

Our experts Stefan Maier and Robert Neubauer talk about the advantages and the future of prefabrication in the construction industry. Read More

Maba Sustainability

We have asked Michael Wardian, executive board member of Kirchdorfer Group, about his thoughts in sustainability in prefabrication and precast. Read More

Off Season Investments

It is that time of the year when temperatures are dropping, and the construction industry starts slowing down. While some Read More
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Smart Planning - From forecasting to holistic production planning

It all starts with data. Even before the building data is processed to plan the production, a massive amout of data is to be handled. Which is why, our meaning of Smart Planning starts at the initial offer. Handle your sales actions, plan your projects and procurement and finally get into production planning. All in one hand.

Because that's why:
| optimization along the entire prefab supply chain
| improve your organizational workflows, from sales to installation
| automated quality control
| measure KPIs
| save money and resources by optimal planning

More about our planning solution


Smart Production - From basic automation to intelligent data management

Automation and digitalization as key success factor. Using the planned data it all comes down to a qualitative and reliable production. Manual workforce can't be entirly replaced, but we can do our best to support our workers to keep the pace and produce at high quality standards. Automation enables to focus on essential manual tasks, digitalization supports efficienzy and accuracy of the employees.

Because that's why:
| avoid failure and increase product-quality standards
| reliability of the production
| optimize utilization and productivity
| maximized accuracy guaranteed by MES Visuals
| barrier-free data accees when and whereever needed

More about our production solution

More about our automation solution


Smart Logistics - Production, Delivery, Construction on time!

Prefab doesn't end at the plant exit, its' benefits reach towards construction site. Using an holistic logistics approach being late with production or delivery is outdated. Keep track of deadlines and transportation requirements from first planning steps onwards. You know how to staple, where to store and when to deliver each and every element, even before it is produced. Now that is logistics at its best.

Because that's why:
| plan production, transportation and construction accordingly
| always be on-time
| perfectly organized stockyard
| track your elements from first model to the final building
| automate your entire stockyard for optimized logistics

More about our logistics solution

More about our stockyard solution

More than a Precast Manufacturer?
Learn about the Future of Construction Industry

iTWO 4.0 itwo home start

The world’s first cloud-based 5D BIM enterprise platform.

iTWO 4.0 is a revolutionary IT enterprise solution which does not require high IT investment and allows a user-friendly environment for the construction of the future, without budget or deadline overruns.
Read more about iTWO 4.0



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