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RIB SAA is responsible for a fully integrated and digitalized production workflow. The intelligent software solutions with a centralized database enables automated management of the whole prefabrication production process from sales and resource planning,  production to logistics and mounting. With an intuitive user interface, the system empowers smooth workflow management, provides users with an illustrated overview of the work procedures and supplies machines with required digital information.


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MyHome - a Success Case

MyHome Group - a iTWO 4.0 Success Case

Founded in 2001, MyHome Group is a largescale comprehensive listed group in China. The company specializes in real estate and urban land development. It also handles prefabrication, modern agriculture, and industrial new towns. There are 23 prefabrication factories have already developed and distributed around China to deliver prefabricated components

Strategy and Goals

| Invest in 100+ smart prefabrication factories
| Stay ahead of the industry’s digitalization and industrialization journey
| Adopt a centralized, intelligent and digital management method to run it's nation-wide operations, factories, and projects


| MyHome lacks an enterprise platform to timely collect project data and verify the accuracy of data to support decision making for the management team.
| Without a standardized, streamlined, and digitalized workflow, the construction processes are time- consuming, difficult to manage, and resource wasting.
| To achieve the target of investing 100+ prefab factories, MyHome needs an integrated digital solution to manage their business.


MyHome has chosen RIB’s cloud-based 5D BIM iTWO 4.0 platform as its core operation management platform. It links all stakeholders of the project to timely collaborate on one platform and share one single source of data to avoid unnecessary information loss and silos. The entire project process is highly integrated through iTWO 4.0. It ensures all business units and stakeholders are seamlessly connected to achieve streamlined and standardized workflow, which facilitates real-time management and accurate decision-making at all levels of management. During the traditional construction management process with 2D-driven design, Myhome used MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Project for data recording and collecting. They ran the approval workflow via both hard copy signoff and OA system. They used Mysoft software for the tendering process and Kingdee software to deal with financial data. There is no integrated digital platform to support them for enterprise-wide management. iTWO 4.0 plays a core operation role in MyHome digital operation system, synchronizing all master data including user profiles, suppliers, materials from MyHome portal. It integrates BIM models with design platform - Revit and Planbar, managing and monitoring the construction and prefabricated production process with flexible workflows and mobile apps. iTWO 4.0 also integrates with finance system for invoice and billing, making business data analysis in the Control Tower.


Standardized Master Catalog
| Contract category and supplier material integration for accurate contract planning
| QS & estimation rule standardization and material price integration

BIM-based Virtual Construction Application
| Cross-platform model integration and information sharing
| Quick costing and accurate quotation
| Accurate contract planning and efficient procurement & subcontracting selection
| Visualized virtual construction and enhanced resource planning & allocation

Real-time Project Control
| Visualized progress alert and alarm
| Mobile-based quality and security management
| Integration between business and finance
| Enterprise Control Tower analysis and real-time decision


“Enterprises should start digital management as early as possible. We shouldn’t wait until the habits are formed and then make changes. It will be more painful and difficult.”

- Daoming Liu, Chairman MyHome Group -

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iTWO 4.0 itwo home start

The world’s first cloud-based 5D BIM enterprise platform.

iTWO 4.0 is a revolutionary IT enterprise solution which does not require high IT investment and allows a user-friendly environment for the construction of the future, without budget or deadline overruns.
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