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it is about solutions, not about problems!

We believe that there is a solution for every problem occuring. Moreover, we stand for constant improvement and innovation to drive solutions to be better and solving problems even before they occur. This is why we are talking to customers and teaming up with partners to find painpoints and develop solutions. Be it for prefabrication and precast only or for the entire AEC industry.

Smart Factory

Smart Factory

the intelligent way of production

Be smart, produce smart. Industry 4.0 comes with a Smart Factory, in which workers make use of digitalization, latest hardware and innovative solutions. All together it creates the future way of production:

 | Paperless - having your data displayed in real-time

 Accurate - using visual support to optimze manual worksteps

 Qualitative - screening elements and worksteps to identify quality issues

 Reportive - processing lots of data, enables holistic statistics and reports

 Smart - optimzing the cooperation of manual and automated work

BIM based Workflow

BIM based Workflow

Building Information Modeling

The term Building Information Modeling (BIM for short ) describes a method of optimised planning, implementation and management of buildings and other structures by means of software. All relevant construction data will be thereby digitally modelled, combined and recorded. BIM enables a new way of collaborative work between the functional departments based on the appropriate software systems. ntegrating the BIM-approach into the production and implementation phases generates a better communication, a clearer building process and fewer complications during construction.

More about BIM

Prefabrication products

Prefabrication products

the lotsize 1 industry

Every precast and prefabrication production has its individual requirements, which requires an equally individual solution. We are the partner for exactly that. We are experts in all types of prefabrication, whether material, elementtype or way of construction.

 | pallet circulation systems for ceiling and wall elements

 modular construction

 facade elements

 constructive precast parts

 wooden prefabrication

 sleeper manufacturing



the interface for prefabrication

IFC is already used as a standard exchange format between architectural software systems, but most of the contained information is lost in the subsequent data exchange process between specialized precast CAD solutions and automation facilities such as precast MES (manufacturing execution systems), Production Planning systems and ERP systems. Current interfaces between precast CAD and MES are inflexible and unable to adapt to new requirements. The project is aimed at creating an internationally standardized interface maintained by the industry.

More about IFC4Precast


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