Automated warehouse and logistic solution

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Automated warehouse and logistic solution

With warehouse control system iTWO SCE we offer individual warehouse logistics solutions based on the latest technologies. The entire logistics process  from storage till the arrival at the construction site is represented in the system and efficiently optimized. The connection option to a supervisory ERP/PPS system (preferably iTWO PPS) ist just as natural as the integrated data transfer of shipment units from MES systems of connected production lines. The current gap of information technology for the production of precast concrete parts has been for the long term filled.



Using modern GPS navigation systems it is possible to find out if the lift truck is in the right position when the stack will be picked up in warehouse. With auxiliary signal a measuring precision of 1m can be achieved. After the storage of a stack the actual placement position is transmitted and saved on SCE server. The finding of concrete parts is thus speeded up: a map is indicated for the forklift driver on his mobile terminal, where the destination and his own location are marked. As he approaches the goal, the map becomes more precise and facilitates the rapid and safe finding of the requiered stack. The same applies to the placing on the truck. The advantages are clear:

  • The exact position of the forklift truck is known at any time.  Thereby it will be clearly supervised that the correct stack will be picked up and the right stack will be placed in the correct location.
  • Optimal information for forklift driver througth current and detailed map display.
  • Thanks to the optimised SAA warehouse management with pre-planning and stacker guidance transport distances and charging periodes can be minimized.
  • Realistic and current representation of warehouse at every storage terminal throughout the enterprise.


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