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Movement and automation for our prefabrication

iTWO ICS initiates movement in your production plant. The plant control system enables the automated transport of pallets throughout the production hall. Starting at simple transport devices to turning and tilting stations and cranes, every move can be automated. While the plant is on the run, our machine software controls the production machines, fulfilling stationary tasks such as concrete spreading, shuttering and vibration automatically.

The iTWO ICS Workflow

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Requirement based solutions

Every plant has its individual requirements. iTWO ICS offers a flexible solutionable to be fitted to your individual needs, such as space limitations or production requirements. Tasks may be different, which is why iTWO ICS can be adapted to a variety of specialised machines and tasks.

Plant commissioning and support

RIB SAA's professional technicians offer on site commissioning for a smooth implementation of software and machines. We also offer training to your employees to enable them to continuously improve production. If further assistance is required, our support operators are available at all times.

Quicker, Safer, Better

Implementing iTWO ICS enters you into the productive world of automation. Foster a smooth circulation and personell safety with automated pallet movement, while production robots incease speed and quality. Due to the absence of congestion, safety issues and manual delay you will reach a new level of productivity and efficiency.

Lotsize 1

Producing multiple different elements is what makes prefabrication special. Prefabrication with iTWO ICS means a lotsize 1 prodution line. With our solution you are not limited to any elementtype, any minimal production count. Produce whatever needs to be produced in whichever amount needed.


Simplifications come up with graphical interfaces, our web-based plant and machine visualization. With its visual display the software enables a fast summary of relevant sensors information for maintainance purposes. The Visualization is giving informs about the control course, element geometry, parameters and error-messages. Deviations can be analysed quickly via the graphical representation. 


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