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    What is BIM?

    The term Building Information Modeling (BIM for short ) describes a method of optimised planning, implementation and management of buildings and other structures by means of software. All relevant construction data will be thereby digitally modelled, combined and recorded. BIM makes possible a new art of collaborative work between the functional departments based on the appropriate software systems.

  • BIM Workflow


    Design - Build - Operate

    • Design (Concept Design; Detailed Design; Analysis; Documentation)
    • Build (Fabrication; Construction Logistics; Construction 4D 5D)
    • Operate (Operation & Maintainance; Renovation)
  • Virtual to Physical

    BIM based Production

    Virtual to Physical

    Integrating the BIM-approach into the production and implementation phases generates a better communication, a clearer building process and fewer complications during construction.

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  • 1. Design & Sales +

    1. Design & Sales

    The 3D building model is the basis for a modelbased process. Masses and materials derive from this model are used for calculation of costs and the construction planning (5D BIM). In this state the entire sales process, through to the award of the contract will be usually handled. Components, which are suitable for prefabrication, will be unitised into producible parts and supplemented with all necessary geometric details and material properties, so that material and machine data can be calculated.

  • 2. Resource planning +

    2. Resource planning

    According to the delivery and installation date, the planning for a production site as well as the requisite material requirements can be managed.

  • 3. Production release +

    3. Production release

    Once the necessary approvals have been obtained, as well as the deliveries of material have arrived, the production release is granted and the data will be trasferred to the MES system of an automated production line. 

  • 4. Production planning and monitoring +

    4. Production planning and monitoring

    Producibility of BIM data will be checked in the MES system and then optimal planned (among other things at the palett charge). The data release for the connected production machines also takes place. The confirmed process and production data will be collected in the control system, stored and made available to visualisation, the reporting system and analysis tools.

  • 5. Production +

    5. Production

    At a palett circulation plant the connected production machines receive all necessary data and commands from MES to carry out the product-specific production steps: shuttering, reinforcing, concreting & packing, hardening, aftertreating.

  • 6. Storage and Transport +

    6. Storage and Transport

    Once the precast elements leave the production hall - already stacked in delivery units, the data ist processed in PPS system (manual posting with APP)

  • 7. Mounting +

    7. Mounting

    Schedule installation teams, call off deliveries from the plant, create progress reports, manage construction machines - typical tasks at the installation sequence - digitally managed and controlled.

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Each prefabricated product has specific production requirements.

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