Why the construction industry should rely on industrialized prefabrication in the future.

Vienna, March 07. 2023
Authors: Dannhofer, Daniel | Hanser, Christoph
Duration: 8 min

The construction industry is sure to undergo a radical transformation going forward. Two of our experts, managing directors Stefan and Robert, are discussing their visions, and pointing out new ways for creating value – by industrialized precast construction. Its impact is already clear as we construct more efficiently, modern building systems are easier to implement, and our use of natural resources has grown more responsible. Our company has managed to apply these innovative concepts and technologies to customers for more than 25 years, creating value for the future.

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What does the market look like apart from precast concrete elements? What degree of prefabrication is possible there?


Timber frame construction can be automated and industrialized very well. We are already in contact with companies in Brazil since timber construction is incredibly attractive there, among other things due to the availability of the building material.


Looking more closely at prefabrication with wood, the degree of automation there is nowhere near as high or advanced as it is in precast concrete. Hybrid construction, however, is going to increase. That is, combining the building materials of wood and concrete and creating new structures this way. Precast construction is only developing a little there as a combination of these materials is a challenge, of course.


The technical possibilities are there, though. I have seen facilities by Weinmann for highly automated production of wooden posts and beam structures where robots or machines cut, insert, and connect the wooden posts. We have also shown that it is technically possible with our project with the Holzinnovationszentrum in Austria. Let me further mention the cross-laminated timber ceiling as a special wood product. It is a remarkably simple and incredibly sustainable construction method since it can use even very poor-quality wood to avoid waste. The facilities we have built show that this can be done in a fully industrialized and automated manner. Carpentry also must be encouraged to move towards industrialization and automation. I see the potential to modernize the construction industry in many countries in this area.

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