Why the construction industry should rely on industrialized prefabrication in the future.

Vienna, March 07. 2023
Authors: Dannhofer, Daniel | Hanser, Christoph
Duration: 8 min

The construction industry is sure to undergo a radical transformation going forward. Two of our experts, managing directors Stefan and Robert, are discussing their visions, and pointing out new ways for creating value – by industrialized precast construction. Its impact is already clear as we construct more efficiently, modern building systems are easier to implement, and our use of natural resources has grown more responsible. Our company has managed to apply these innovative concepts and technologies to customers for more than 25 years, creating value for the future.

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How do I figure out if prefabrication can help my business?


Contact us and tell us: I have this challenge. How can we solve it? Then we will look at it and start asking the important questions. What area of manufacturing needs to make the start? What partners can we work with? What degree of digitization is needed? In West Africa, prefabrication is just beginning. We are going to look for mechanical engineering partners there to supply us with cost-efficient tables and start digitizing plans. If this kind of thing happens here in Europe, where precast construction is established already, we have other things to think about. Our project with Van Wijnen came about in the same manner. I was in the car with Hilbrand Katsma, and he showed me his idea of a parameterized housing system on his tablet. The system lets families enter a virtual environment where they can put together their houses as they will be prefabricated subsequently. I was immediately excited. We wondered how to put that into practice. They built an enormous factory that works similarly to those in the car industry, and we can support this from the digital model to construction. We need to be clear that the software, digitization, is the actual driving force behind this technology. As a result, we see ourselves as the first contacts who not only provide answers but also point out the questions that matter. Our solutions, consultant network, mechanical engineers, suppliers, and RIB structure make us the first choice to lead such a project to success.


We have more than a quarter century of experience and plenty of expertise to offer in prefabrication. We know what to pay attention to. Digitalization is going to be one of the key factors in the future, which we offer alongside highest professionalism and expertise.


In fact, if you take a closer look, I will say we have over 30 years of experience. Most people don't know it, but modern precast technology was created by us at the Vienna University of Technology, in cooperation with Ainedter-Industrieautomation and other companies from Germany and Austria. It must be said - we are the inventors of automation for precast technology and thus the cradle of the modern precast industry.

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