Make your off-season the future factor of success

Vienna, September 11. 2023
Authors: Dannhofer, Daniel | Hanser, Christoph
Duration: 5 min

Efficiency & Productivity

Procuring a new machine or introducing big changes is not always the best way to achieve increased efficiency. Sometimes small investments in automation or digitalization can deliver great results. Adding a quality management or a reporting feature to your master computer or installing a visual support system to a station can be executed during the off-season and give you a head start next peak season.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Without making progress you can be left behind. Nothing could be more true than this saying, because only enjoying a quieter time may result in falling behind the competitors that improve their plants. Stay ahead and use the off-season to implement and make some smaller investments that will get and keep you ahead of the competitors in the market.

Think, plan, execute!


One of the biggest advantages of investing during the off-season is its predictability. Having fewer projects leads to less time pressure in production. Short installation times enable accurate forecasting. All these factors allow to plan and execute investments with minimal effect on your production and maximum output.


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It is that time of the year when temperatures are dropping, and the construction industry starts slowing down. While some elements are still being produced, you can use the so-called off-season to plan for your future success. From our point of view this time till the next peak season, comes with a perfect opportunity for investments in some optimizations.

The process of selection and implementation of an appropriate and effective off-season investment requires some planning. Therefore, we suggest to start the process now. Follow these five steps to your successful off-season investment:

1. Define Your Goals.

Think about the projects that are coming up in the next peak season. Define your goals for the years ahead. Where will be your focus? Automation, digitalisation or maybe sustainability? Take some time to consider all aspects and make sure you know what you want to achieve. Thus, it will be your first step to choose the perfect investment.

2. Set Your Budget

The benefits of the off-season investments are not only a predictable timeframe but also the fixed amount of money. When setting your budget, keep in mind your goals from the step 1. If you have set ambitious goals, you might need to adjust your budget with a higher limit as if you have small but detailed goals. Define your budget beforehand to avoid being convinced to bigger investments.

3. Define the Timeframe

The key element of the successful off-season investment is time. The big advantages of the off-season are a smaller number of projects and therefore less time pressure in production. Now you can define the perfect time to execute the investment and the duration of the implementation. Thus, to achieve the maximum benefit evaluate the reports of the past off-seasons for the exact definition of the timeframe.

4. Define the Field of Investment

Finally, think about the type of investment you want to make or where you want to invest. Therefore, reconsider your goals that give you the direction. Automation, digitalization, sustainability, or something else? In digitalization it might be a software extension to simplify your planning tasks. There are various options to increase automation, minimize manual worksteps or implement visual support systems to improve quality of the manual tasks. By implementing new technologies, you can improve the aspects of sustainability during the planning or production phase.

5. Choose Your Partner

Once you know all the investment parameters, it is time to choose your partner. For such investments the ideal business partner should not only be an industry supplier with know-how in the field. Since time is a crucial factor here, he should also have experience in project management and scheduled investment implementation. We at RIB are experts in prefabrication and precast with a large experience in execution and implementation of many short-term projects. We know how to plan and prepare such tasks to keep the implementation period as short as possible and thereby according to schedule.

By choosing us, you choose a partner:

 | not only for one but for all future projects

 | with experience, know-how and expertise

 | that might not be the cheapest, but the one providing a holistic product & service package

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