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The future of construction depends on how well those factors are handled. The best method to execute all of them is prefabrication!

The construction industry has enormous potential for improvements, starting from material technology till the circular economy. Industrial prefabrication has been considered a solution to such improvements. Hybrid construction, waste prevention, modular construction and prefabrication are important for sustainable, optimized and cost-effective construction methods. Prefabrication is a key element of such construction technology.

Digitization enables flexible use of buildings, but it requires the involvement of all stakeholders and investment in education of construction professionals. Digital archiving will facilitate the alteration and regeneration of buildings in the future, but due to missing structural and political guidelines it is difficult to implement it. The processes in precast construction are easy to automate, they help architects and civil engineers to build more sustainably and efficiently. Standardized components and modules are used to reduce costs and improve efficiency, while automation and 3D printing create more opportunities for customization.

Prefabrication has existed in construction for many decades and has been promoted thanks to its benefits such as sustainability, optimization and cost efficiency. Digitalization and Central European know-how help to achieve success with prefabrication all over the world. Small local prefabrication can optimize manufacturing processes allowing the use of sustainable materials and construction technologies can be applied for new construction projects as well as the renovation of old buildings. 3D printing is pushing prefabrication to a new level, using timber frame and hybrid construction and combining wood and concrete. It is important to encourage the carpentry to move towards industrialization and automation in order to modernize the construction industry.

Prefabrication can provide many benefits to building owners, including reducing carbon emissions, dust, dirt and noise and improving quality and on-time delivery. Thanks to digitization and intermediate storage, the processes in production and construction areas can be extremely well organized and planned. This can also help to reduce time-to-market by 60%. Prefabrication is a project-based industry that uses components made off-site in a factory in order to reduce costs and increase productivity. It has been used in Singapore, Europe, Central and South America to create affordable and quick solutions for social housing, shelters and housing in rural areas.

With over 30 years of experience and technical expertise in the field of prefabrication, we represent the innovation in automation for precast industry where digitization is the driving force.



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