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Quality Management

Quality Management

Our seemless-connected production software enables the digital quality management based on pictures and videos at any time. The flexible reporting registers critical tasks already during the production, collects measures and takes pictures for individual quality control. 

| Quality Check of single elements or entire production stacks - mobile & stationary

| fully-automated picture documentation

| customized reports

Quality in action

Already plenty of our customers use our quality management features to ensure the level of quality throughout their production. In 2022 we finished a big project with state-of-the-art quality management, containing the following features:

Automated picture documentation

A high-definition 4K cam is used to create a detailed picture documentation. Such cameras are set up at different stations, like concrete spreading or reinforcement, and are used to compare before and after. All pictures are taken automatically and stored in a cloud documentation, whereby samples can be taken all time and anyplace. 

Flexible Quality Checks

Prefabrication production is a complex process which requires a suitable quality management system. With RIB SAA Quality Management we facilitate our customers with multiple options for quality checks. First off the mentioned cameras can check stationary single elements. Additionally, quality protocolls enable sample testing of single elements and whole production stapels throughout the production. When storing out the elements, the environment lacks of options for stationary check-facilities. Therefore, we provide a mobile system to check quality with smartphones and tablets. 

Quality tracking

Thanks to our logistics system, it is already easy to track elements and stapels. With Quality Management by RIB SAA our customer connect quality checks with our tracking tool. Whereby, workers at different stations can view the history of quality checks which has been made for single elements or stapels.

Quality as production requirement

Quality checks only make sense, if there is a consequence if lacking quality occurs. To ensure quality throughout we set quality as a requirement. At certain cruitial stations the quality checks not only provide sample documentation but need to be successfull for the production flow to go on. Otherwise the production stops until the check is made or the quality lack is fixed. This can for example be a final check before storing out or to grant transportation.

Analysis & Reports

At last, reports and analysis ensure learnings and improvements for quality and production. Our quality management is linked to the master computer, who collects the data and creates holisic and customized reports to optimize your production and quality.


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