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In 2013 the RIB Group defined a manifesto to revolutionize the global construction business using digitalization as key for the transformation towards the most advanced industry on the planet. In 2020 „Being the most advanced industry, means being the most sustainable one as well.” With these words, the RIB Mission was put align to the vision of our partner Schneider Electric.

This big step was made as a result to the fact that the building and construction industry, whilst being the biggest industry in den world, is the least digitalized one. As the digitalization proceeds and the industry is growing, our industry still is responsible for 38% of the global energy-related CO2 emissions – which is equals to 13.6 Gigatons CO2 – and for producing a tremendous amount of waste due to rework and quality issues.

10% of the mentioned 13.6 GtCO2 are produced by prefabrication and construction. Empty runs, suboptimal use of plant capacity, bad resource management and quality issues which lead to rework are the key driver of unnecessary CO2 emissions and cause a loss in productivity and subsequently money.

It's time to change!

The digital transformation is led by MTWO. RIB’s fully cloud-based solution connects all stakeholders, covers all processes, and manages all date throughout the AEC value chain. Using its key functions of the mentioned cloud-based platform, the AI & BI data, the seamlessly integration of necessary systems and the 5D BIM planning it exceeds the capabilities of legacy software by far. Extended by the 6th D sustainability, the planning process enables detailed forecasting of material, time, costs and emissions.

Change with RIB SAA Software

Detailed and extensive planning saves!

Material | Resources | Time | Emission | Money

The basis for proper planning is a system, that supports the process and enables the combined planning of multiple aspects. Taking into consideration all requirements is the only solution to establish a holistic and realistic plan chart.

  • | 6D Planning (Modelling | Time | Cost | Sustainability) 
  • | Optimized Production (Capacity | Productivity | Utilization) 
  • | Efficient Logistics (Transportation Routes | Stockyard | Distances) 
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The industry is moving!

Keep the pace with modernization & retrofitting

AEC industry is growing by 3% this year – the prefabrication market even faster. It can be hard to keep up while professional employees are rare and the pressure of customers increases. Use modernization and retrofitting to keep the pace and set your position on the market.

  • | Automation to compensate a lack in workforce
  • | Digitalization for independent data usage 
  • | Modernization the key to maintain market position.
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Sussessfactor Qualitymanagement

Less Failures | Less Claims | Less Costs

About 30% of work in the AEC is rework due to failures. This causes unnecessary resource consumption, waste, time & human resources and subsequently costs. A reliable quality management facilitates close-lined controlling.

  • | Reduce Failure Situations during Production
  • | Minimize flaws and errors on products 
  • | Decrease claim management Costs 
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