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From Design, to Production, to Construction site


RIB SAA is responsible for a fully integrated and digitalized production workflow. The intelligent software solutions with a centralized database enables automated management of the whole prefabrication production process from sales and resource planning,  production to logistics and mounting. With an intuitive user interface, the system empowers smooth workflow management, provides users with an illustrated overview of the work procedures and supplies machines with required digital information.


Success Case Leier

All new plant built in Zurndorf Leier International is a family-run group owning operational locations in whole europe. Besides other Read More

MES Academy

MES Academy is approaching fast - March, 20. - 24. 2023. Register now! Read More

Why Prefabrication?!

Our experts Stefan Maier and Robert Neubauer talk about the advantages and the future of prefabrication in the construction industry. Read More
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MES Visuals

iTWO MES Visuals

Even in highly automized plants there are a couple of tasks that need to be done manually. Still, this does not mean, that digitalization can not support these tasks. Support your workers with visual assistance run by iTWO MES.In the past years we did some research and development and came up with a couple of tools from augmented reality to laser- and light projections. What all systems have in common is, that they support your workers in increasing efficiency and accuracy.

iTWO Smart Laser

We developed our laser-projection software for the needs in the concrete-prefabrication industry. Increasing accuracy and efficiency of single work steps are only a few benefits of the laser. By controlling the projectors with our production master computer, even more opportunities of usage occur.

CHEKKER powered by beamionic, run by iTWO MES

The high-level projector displays the entire plan on the pallet. Workers can immediatelly see where shutterings and built-in parts need to be. The projector guides your workers through the worksteps and automatically controls whether parts are placed correct. 

More about CHEKKER

More than a Precast Manufacturer?
Learn about the Future of Construction Industry

iTWO 4.0 itwo home start

The world’s first cloud-based 5D BIM enterprise platform.

iTWO 4.0 is a revolutionary IT enterprise solution which does not require high IT investment and allows a user-friendly environment for the construction of the future, without budget or deadline overruns.
Read more about iTWO 4.0



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